What do the response codes mean for the address verification and cvv credit card transaction responses

What do the response codes mean for the address verification and cvv credit card transaction responses?

When we send the card info to the bank, the bank responds with an approved or decline as well as response codes for AVS (address verification) and the CVV (3 or 4 digit in of the back of the card).

  1. M - Match
  2. N - No Match
  3. P - Not Processed
  4. S - Should be on card but not so indicated
  5. U - Issuer Not Certified
  6. X - No response from association

AVS (Address Verification Service)
Along with the card data, the customer's billing address entered at checkout is sent to the bank for verification. The bank compares it with the address they have on file and then returns one of these responses.
  1. X - Exact match, 9-character numeric ZIP (both - MC)
  2. Y - Exact match, 5-character numeric ZIP (domestic)
  3. D - Exact match (international)
  4. M - Exact match (international)
  5. A - Address match only (both)
  6. B - Address matches, ZIP not verified (both)
  7. W - 9-character numeric ZIP match only (both - MC)
  8. Z - 5-character Zip match only (both - V)
  9. P - Postal Code match (both)
  10. N - No address or ZIP match (both)
  11. C - Incompatible format (both)
  12. U - Address unavailable (domestic)
  13. G - Non-U.S. Issuer does not participate (international)
  14. I - Not verified (international)
  15. R - Issuer system unavailable (domestic)
  16. S - Service not supported (domestic)
  17. F - Exact match, UK-issued cards (both)
  18. 0 - AVS Not Available (both)
  19. 1 - Cardholder name and ZIP match (domestic)
  20. 2 - Cardholder name, address and ZIP match(domestic)
  21. 3 - Cardholder name and address match (domestic)
  22. 4 - Cardholder name matches (domestic)
  23. 5 - Cardholder name incorrect, ZIP matches (domestic)
  24. 6 - Cardholder name incorrect, address and ZIP match (domestic)
  25. 7 - Cardholder name incorrect, address matches (domestic)
  26. 8 - Cardholder name, address, and ZIP do not match (domestic)

You can set the rules for which of these are accepted or declined under Manage > Watch Dog > Post Rules. The more strict the rules the less likely fraud will be but the more likely you block valid transactions as well. You must determine what level of risk you are willing to accept for your particular business.